What is Pure CSS Apple?

Pure CSS Apple is an one page app, generates CSS and HTML codes, including full range of Apple Devices, based on device width and screen color.

Also includes couple of examples how to use generated code and where it's usage area could be. Includes real dimensions of generatable devices and Width Ratio Generator; using user's custom base width value, if you want to create a set of device.

Why Pure CSS?

  • Cause it's lightweight compare to jpg, png or other image formats
  • It's vector based, means suitable with retina devices.
  • It's pixel perfect scalable.
  • Highly compatible to CSS3 animation. (Just like i did on my home page, Responsive section)
  • Reduces HTTP Requests instead of download multiple images
  • It's code based, means compressible.
  • Content embeddable into device screen. (Just like i did on my portfolio page)

Which Apple Devices its included?

  • iMac (Based on 21,5 inch)
  • Mac Book (Based on 13 inch)
  • iPad (Based on 3rd generation)
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5 (Black & White)
  • iPhone 6 (Black & White)

How to use?

Navigate to purecssapple.com, Make a choice from Device Type select box, type device width you want to set, and hit to SHOW CODE button. That's all.


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